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Individual Sessions

The psyche is the deep and personal part of us that holds and organises our experiences. Because life is a difficult and often lonely journey, we can be bruised, hurt, confused or conflicted. Sometimes regularly. Sometimes daily. But always unmistakably.

Sessions on a one-to-one basis is a safe place where we can attend to our psyche, listen to our conflicts, express them rather than suppress them, and allow healing, restoration, and growth to occur. People Joanna has counselled include: 

  • Those seeking personal discernment and deeper self-awareness

  • Individuals in relationship facing communication breakdown and loss

  • Those who want to talk about self or sexual identity in a safe place

  • Individuals suffering from grief and loss 

  • Adult and child survivors of trauma and abuse

  • Children facing family transition (eg. divorce, relocation)

  • Individuals suffering from anxiety, anger, stress, depression, eating disorders

  • Individuals with developmental and/or behavioural problems

  • Caregivers of the sick, elderly or dying 

  • Those in the caring profession - eg. social workers, therapists, teachers.


She delivers art therapy for individuals who would simply like to embrace art as a therapy for personal growth, mindfulness and self-discovery. 

Group Sessions

Joanna is an experienced group facilitator and have worked in a variety of group settings, with different age groups and client profiles.

Whether the workshop / retreat be for ...

  • team bonding for staff

  • staff retreat / half day self discovery workshop

  • self expression and discovery group for teens (students)

  • therapy support group for children in homes / schools

  • support group for a community

  • self discovery group for friends

  • spiritual retreat weekend for church groups workshops are tailored with the client's objectives, needs and resources in mind. Joanna is passionate about facilitating the creative process in people in order to achieve a greater sense of personal well-being. 

"Inspiring", "Insightful", "Reflective", "Enriching", "Thankful" and "Creative" are just some of the common words participants use to capture the experience of the workshops. Her clients include corporate companies, government institutions and organizations, tertiary institutions, welfare homes, respite centers and a variety of VWOs and community groups.