Art  Journalling for Self Care 

Workshop Description : 

Art journalling - using image and words to inform each other - is a precious tool that can enable you to connect with your inner world in a deeper and more creative way. If you are feeling stuck or heavy and are looking to focus, clarify and express matters of the heart, this is the workshop for you. In this workshop, you will be guided through the art journaling process using simple elements of art.

Previous experience of art making is not necessary.

Dates to choose from :


  • Friday 6 September 2019 (10am - 1pm) 

  • Saturday 7 December 2019 (10am - 1pm)

Cost      : $180  

Venue : 55 Waterloo St. Level 2

​Participant Feedback

  • This workshop has been nothing but an enlightening experience... I'd recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to be in touch with their inner voice!” - Psychologist, 32 yrs

  • “Simple workshop but has deep meaning.” - University Lecturer, 60s

  • "I would recommend this workshop for anyone not only curious what Art therapy is but importantly, anyone who has a thirst for self awareness and peace of mind."- Manager 40s

  • “I am no more feeling clustered, confused and choked up with what’s inside of me. You released so much tension in me through this art journalling journey... a session filled with positive vibes and serenity. Thank you.” - Social Worker 27 yrs

  • "The experience was uplifting and inspiring." - 32 yrs, expat

Returning Home to Myself 

This day retreat is created for those who want a time for self-care and self-exploration in a safe and facilitated environment. 

Come for a time of gentle self-expression, reflection and discovery as we enter into the adventure of spontaneous art making using art, meditation and story. Be prepared to listen to your own inner wisdom and imagination while experiencing the places that connect most deeply with your sacred heart. 

Dates to choose from :


  • Friday 13 September 2019 (10am - 5pm)

Cost      : $350

Venue : 55 Waterloo St. Level 2

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Participant Feedback


“I was looking for a space to look at my emotions because I hardly have the time. Thank you for providing an open environment, a welcoming & accepting one for me.” - Business Manager 32 yrs

“After this retreat, I feel more at rest, at peace with myself. Expressing myself through drawing was a safe medium to find a solution for my personal struggles.” - Teacher, 27 yrs

"I am thrilled by the wonders that art can work on me to reveal my inner self.  I was excited by the insights that the art work has subtly shown, and I was enjoying the whole process. It has given me an acute ego booster in motivating me to live a better life.  The retreat has affirmed me to persevere in achieving my life goals." - Manager, 30 yrs

"Art can really do wonders ! It’s not only restricted to our understanding of  drawing a painting. It goes beyond your imagination. This retreat was enriching and I’m delighted to see others were also benefited from it." - Teacher 45 yrs

"I really enjoyed it and am glad that I found more confidence in my expressions at the end of the day.  I felt calm and peaceful throughout the day despite being unable to draw.  The inner self that I found is that I can be more positive and confident about the future despite all the challenges that are facing me." - Home maker 40 yrs